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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Church talks, playsets, and school fundraisers

Boy do I have a lot to cover today!

For those who don't already know, I go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Commonly known as the Mormons. We don't have paid clergy so members of the church are asked to talk in our meetings. This past Sunday I got that privilege.

I tried all week to formulate my talk but nothing came together. I knew what I wanted to talk about but apparently that wasn't what I needed to talk about. I'm a firm believer that God works through us to help others. Maybe someone needed to hear what I said.


My husband Shane (in white) and David at the start of the project.

Eli turned 5 on August 5th. As part of his present from us we ordered him a wooden play set. Of couse, it didn't come in until after his Birthday.  Then it rained every time Shane even talked about putting it together. Finally Sunday he got his brothe David over to help. It took them 7 hours, lots of ice water and a few "s" words but they finally got it together. And they did a darn good job.


Eli playing on the finished product

So it's week 3 of Kindergarten and Eli has brought home fund-raiser books. I thought we'd get at least a month, maybe 2 under our belt before the madness started. It's nice stuff but come on. Schools should realize that kids don't sell this stuff the parents do. Why can't I just send in $50 to the school and be done with it? They only get 50% of what is sold. They could get 100% of my $50. There are 22 kids in Eli's class. If each parent gave $50 that would be $1,100 and they don't have to split it with anyone. My sister says it's because not all the parents WOULD give the $50. If that is the case what makes them think those parents are going to sell this crap????

I'm done ranting now.

Before I go I want a favor please say a prayer for my friend Karen. She's very sick. Please pray for her to feel better, to have peace of mind and for the Doctors who are treating her to know what to do that will best help her.
Peace and Chicken Grease!

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